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EP 27.5 : “Why Should Eye Be Sad?”


Melt into your melted mirror for an electrifying ride, look deep into the black of my melting mirror eyes. See you reflecting me, reflecting you, reflecting me, reflecting you, reflecting me, reflecting you … until we melt together and sink deep … into the other side.

Melt into my mirror, you lose yourself into the pool of liquid mirror. Step into the looking glass, sink deep within its pool, and straddle the dimensions in time… I’ll see you there… along with my friends. See it through the looking glass.

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re:verse : “US Placers” – Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams, Thom Yorke

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking

[Lupe Fiasco]
Life styles of the rich and famous
Bought a big house and a whole lotta rangers
Fresh new couch and a whole lotta trainers
A closet full of clothes and some brand new dangers
And some Mexican floral arrangers
A great big TV that’ll entertain us
Some colourful commissions for some high paid painters
Someone to take the wrap so that I stay stainless
And a new relationship with a banker
And two pinky rings for my manicured fingers
A trained German Shepard that bark when he’s angered
To watch my possessions and to look out for strangers
And a fifty foot yacht with an anchor
A young supermodel that should remain nameless
(The) ups and the downs the sames and the changes
All the money in the world won’t make it painless no…

(But they love it and they love it)
The more you try to erase me
(and they love it) [x4]
The more the more
The more that I appear

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On Coup d’eGas and the Ides of March… #roselandfuneral

In the wake of G.U.Y.’s media blitz d’etat let’s look at what might be lingering behind the if 27 is the new black, 28 stays golden: now look who’s back collective funeral of roses #roselandfuneral

I don’t know what ARTPOP means for anything but I can’t shake the feeling that whatever it will inevitably become started long ago, is in continuous present perpetuation, and is simultaneously happening in increasing measure well into the future… that being said: it could be an ongoing Shakespearean three act play #byanyotherfame

Act First: #entitledanothertimeiwasangry that time when GaGa kicked off a seven-show residency to close out Manhattan’s legendary Roseland Ballroom. Basically, she memorialized her golden birthday with a 10-day funeral … at practically the one place where you couldn’t land a gig on the come-up the famed Manhattan concert venue… #andthisisthefamed


I’m not sure what ARTPOP means for incumbent entertainment venue institutions but – whatever.

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