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re:fresh : Olka Osadzińska

Superlative scenes of contemporary brand culture artistry courtesy of Poland’s Pop Illustrator-in-Residence #warsawhol – welcome Olka Osadzińska

A young artist from Poland, Olka has worked on various national and international art projects.


Her artistic experience spans across clothing, fashion and lifestyle as well as online through a collaboration with the influential magazines and websites for which she draws illustrations.



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re:fresh : Oli Holmes’ “Paper Graffiti” and “… Downtime”

Oli Holmes is an artist by medium of craft installation and illustration, global citizen by way of Sydney #auslandwizardry and sheer creative by destined decree. Behind the monkier of Electric Puppet, Holmes crafts miniature masterpieces, subtle second glances, and pop portraitures with a fresh perspective.


I love that with Oli’s work, the world is his coloring book, the sidewalk is his sandbox studio.


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