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#andscene: ep. 3.30.27

mood: breakfast with the elements …

ring: when i see your face like the mornin’ sun you spark me to shine, tell all the world, my scene is fulfilled and that’s a new design … gonna tell a story morning glory all about the serpentine fire. surely as life begun, you will as one battle with the serpentine fire…

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#andscene: ep. 1.30.27

mood: low-fi, hi-q

ring: music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand with an equal opportunity… but just because a record has a #groove don’t make it in the groove, but you can tell right away… when the people start to move… #music knows it is and always will be one of those things that life just won’t quit. but there are some of music’s pioneers that time will not allow us to forget…

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