#andscene: ep. 1.13.27

mood: #breakfast with ferdinand… sipping with the #spiritanimal

ring: well i’m looking at her from a #rockandroll tower, with the windows, its eyes, and its stained black sides that can’t be climbed… ’cause they’re slick as wet glass, and the gate lets the force out – but through none shall pass. but it’s just me in my time, guess i’ve taken some form, who knows which time around … is it the winged #bull, or the horns of old pan? there’s ra unto isis, there’s woman to man. sun and the moon, minus and plus, zero equals two, in #love and in us. wings of fire and me in my time, taking the form making this sound… it’s all of the reasons that unite me with you, i’m sure of that if a heart tells the truth…

#nowplaying: “winged bull” – daryl hall and john oates, beauty on a back street (1977)

#andscene: hudson theatre cafe, santa monica blvd and hudson ave, hollywood, ca




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