#andscene: ep. 1.10.27

mood: “our gift: our #challenge.”

ring: now it’s time for our wrap up, let’s give it everything we’ve got. ready? begin: … don #dada on the down low, eating other with each and every energetic, episode elevated etiquitte. furious fat fabulous fantastic, flurries of #funk felt feeding the fanatics. gift got great global goods gone glorious. getting in his game with the goriest. hit em high, hella height #historical. imitators idolize, in an instant, i’ll rise … juiced on my #jams like jheri curls jocking joints. justly it’s just me, writing my #journals. kindly i’m kindling all kinds of #ink on karate kick type of brits in my kingdom… let me live a long life, lyrically lessons is learned just to lose my livery. my mind makes marvelous moves, masses marvel and move…

#nowplaying: “alphabet aerobics” – #blackalicious, a2g (1999)

#andscene: la brea and sunset, hollywood, ca



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