The Reel: “Reminiscent Twilight” – Ace Fillmore, Miles Davis

A cinematic parallel capturing the aesthetics of Miles Davis’ psychedelic fusion jazz masterpiece.


“Reminiscent Twilight” … the perfect description for an album that looks back to the classic age of jazz, and simultaneously ahead toward the future of innovated sound – acoustic distortions so tangible you can taste them, feel them on your fingertips…

sound rich enough to enamorously fall within its voluminous depths, mood so trippy one can’t help but stumble down the proverbial rabbit hole into Miles’ mindset at its most marvelously maniacal. Davis trumps our modern technological maneuvers with sheer soul, his aural schizophonic symphony has any 808 track beat, and this brilliant cinematic gem is a most-fitting trek through Miles’ synesthetic scape. #words

Watch this space: all of this is to say… cheers to Bitches Brew, you twisted sister you… and top marks to your maker



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