Trapped: J Cutta – “Living” ft. Shida Paper

Living is a state of being, and Atlanta up-and-comer J Cutta brings the state of the fastlane to his latest single, “Living” featuring Shida Paper.

A lyrical painter with the ability to transport you to a different time and place through his words, J Cutta is a true Atlanta soul with a touch of something different. Gathering fans from America and abroad, people recognize the truth he brings to his music relating experiences from his own life to share with others. J Cutta believes creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. (Scott Adams)

Why Now: Atlanta maintains its undeniable stronghold on emerging trap legends as a bastion of The South’s signature rap sound. The city is becoming a key player in the entertainment space with every franchise from The Walking Dead to The Hunger Games thirsty for the Peachtree scene. Cutta is a fresh face in the space of Atlanta hip hop.


A student of music since his childhood, he grew up in Atlanta with Nas and Outkast molding his creative expression. “I’ve been a fan of music since elementary school,” he explains, spending time listening to music to learn how to write his own material. “I used to listen to songs on the radio and try to write my own lyrics. I thought the way Nas and Outkast put words with a soulful track was art.”

What’s Next: J Cutta brings his music to life with collaborations of his past and present experiences and ear-catching tracks that have taken him around the world. He’s opened for Soulja Boy Tellem, has been featured on mix tapes with DJ Scream, DJ Teknikz, produced tracks for the Young Bloodz and the Dungeon Family. He’s not stopping there. Life, Lies & Luxury, J Cutta’s newest project will be released this year.

A believer in lifting while he climbs, he is helping to mold the careers of artists coming behind; Shida Paper and R&B artists Jay Scott and PrettyBoi Lyric, just to name a few.

So, Nouveau: Cutta’s flow sits at the pulse of Atlanta’s native culture – slightly off-kilter, steadier than slow, and unassumingly slick … it coasts on the eardrums like cobbler, in a scene born bitten with the sweet tooth.


In 140 or less: Sweet Auburn beats stay lifted like Georgia pine, rapidfire lines pointed like Little Five; sit back and listen: they sleep, Cutta’s living.



J Cutta on Facebook
TW: @datsjcutta
IG: @datsjcutta
YT: /datsjcutta
SC: /jcuttamusic
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