The Reel: “Black Girls” – Chester French, Rie Rasmussen, Jodie Smith, Francesco Carrozzini

Above “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” on the cover of Jet, beyond Delilah’s panther black tee… The Black Lips never quite uttered words like these…

Elemental, stark, genuine… classic, contemporary, of naturally precise design… black and white, the absence of man, with the palm of a person, not a tip drill, in hand… evolutionary and progressive… black roots beneath the blonde… unfetishized, unobjectified presentation of the art house palette – taste the rainbow… not Sasha, not Roman, not Madea, nor my bitch… not objectifying no one, not a fetish… not a bus stop, not a chickenhead, not The Help… not the any or every thing, just the thing, in and of itself.

Staccato, quick cuts, smooth and syncopated, punk prose and supreme teams… yin and yang coalesce, elemental and evolutionary… a visual love song about passion for the other… no clothes, no hoes, just their thing… preconceived notions, loaded perceptions defocalize the subject beneath a dazed perspective…

Watch This Space: Love’s complexion pales when held behind the simple social lens…




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