re:fresh : Dafna Steinberg’s “Native Cowboys”

How long I have waited for a record as such… friend, photographer, forever an artist, formerly-referenced-as-Lady-Glock, visionary, District vanguard, cosmopolitan world citizen with a timeless lens on life – welcome Dafna Steinberg, and her latest collection of collages, the magnificently mythological recollection of American history in disguise: “Native Cowboys.”

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In her own words…

America, a country birthed on liberty and justice, was coddled and raised on folkloric legends. Its history is littered with fictional narratives that have become so second nature, they are often mistaken as fact. The characters of these legends are heroes, with the personality traits that modern day Americans strive to incorporate into their own lives.

My recent collage work examines this image of masculinity through the image of the Cowboy. It asks the question of ownership and appropriation. The land the cowboys roamed was not their own. It was in a sense stolen from the Natives who originally called it home. In the many fights for justice, the sides of good and bad are not always clear-cut. My work combines the idea of the fictional Cowboy “hero” with the reality of the bloodied history that happened in his name.

  • Dafna Steinberg


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